Moonlight hotel

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Years ago, when we were booking online, we were always thinking about the reliability of the deal, but today, when numerous spheres and industries are transferred online, we feel safer when we need to make a transaction, subscribe or so. Who could have guessed that something like this could actually happen? Someone to likes to steal our money could be more expected than a haunted hotel, right? But let\'s start from the beginning. Joan, Ethan, and Megan have booked online their stay in the \"Moonlight Hotel.\" They had neither a thought in their minds that something like this could happen. When they came into the hotel, they saw that the hotel seemed abandoned. And not just that. After few minutes, the three friends realized that they have entered the trap prepared for them by the ghosts that live in the hotel. How strange is that?! Now it\'s up to them to deal with this strange situation. Will they fight with the ghosts or will they try to escape from the place right away? We will find out very, very soon...

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