Suspicious Man

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Detective Frank has solved many cases during his career. This time he is on a mission to solve a case of a murder that was done in the local circus. It may feel that the circuses are safe places, because they are a symbol of fun and joy but that doesn’t mean that the criminals won’t choose it as a place for their crime. But also, maybe some of the people that work at the circus are those criminals… But let’s not judge too early, right?In this case, there were few people who were just passing by the circus and they noticed a mysterious man. This man was moving through the place of the crime scene, the place where the murder was done. Now this place is locked because of the police investigation.Detective Frank is here to consider all evidences and all witnesses, in order to solve this unusual case. Even though it seems that there are not many obvious traces right now, good investigation might show something else. Let’s help him finish his mission faster, hoping that he will solve the mystery about the suspicious man.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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