Special Holiday

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For each one of us, there is some particular day in the year, maybe a holiday or the first day of school, that wakes up beautiful feelings in us. Katherine feels wonderful Every year on the Independence Day. 4th of July is the holiday that she hardly waits to come because it brings her a feeling of belonging to her family and a feeling of incredible happiness.Katherine\'s tradition is to come, together with her family, to the place where she was born. She has only beautiful memories from this place so she always comes here back with a lot of excitement. There is one more thing related to this holiday visit and that is the traditional parade that takes place here, every year. Maybe it is about a small city but this parade could compare to any other parade typical for the bigger cities.Let\'s visit this place together with Katherine and her family and enjoy the Independence Day, seen by Katherine\'s point of view. Maybe you will find out new things about this holiday by learning something more about the tradition of this particular place. Let this holiday be special for us too!

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