Treasure of Lima

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It is in humans\' blood to want to live nice, to want luxury, to travel in the world, to try interesting food and tastes. There are people who are obsessed with money and treasure, they simply want it more and more! Some of them sometimes achieve that, some simply try for it to the end of life. Maybe sometimes it is better only to search for it.Todays adventurers in our game are two friends who want to become rich. A Hidden treasure is smiling at them for a while, they are occipied with provokative hidden treasure of Lime. Andrea and Thomas are hidden treasures seekers. For some time awhile they are putting efforts to locate the lost treasure of Lime. They hope that they have finally found the location where the treasure is. Here you come on board.We are sure you would love to help these adventurers find what they are looking for in years. Maybe you don\'t believe in money hunting and hidden treasueres, but put yourself at least today in the shoes of a treasure seeker. You don\'t know, maybe you might like the role?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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