Furious Storm

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Living on the coast seems so idyllic. You always have that fresh air; the water is so amazing; you feel as you are always on a holiday... However, we all know that sometimes the nature could be very unpredictable and even rude. We are talking about the natural phenomena, including the natural catastrophes.Those happenings seem to remind us that we are not almighty and sometimes we should step one step back from certain things, in the name of nature\'s \'free will,\' something that can\'t be controlled. One small seaside city has been engulfed by a terrible, rather furious, storm. The storm was so strong that it left behind so much damage.Barbara and Donald are leaders of the rescue team that is in charge for rescuing everything that could be saved after the terrible storm. At first sight it seems that the storm has left nothing but let\'s try little bit harder and help Barbara and Donald in their humanitarian mission. Many people will be very thankful to you, so let\'s start helping right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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