The Towers of Valento

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Each place hides a secret, a story that must be told! Especially older towns are willing to tell stories about other people, that they will remember and tell to another people. Sometimes those intriguing tales actually provoke us to visit some new place. And what would we be without the travelling will to go somewhere else? To discover new worlds, to meet new people. We would be just some people living and waiting for life just to flow. Today we are introducing you with an author of great stories. The lady called Virginia writes and gets inspired after she visits some place and meet new people.Virginia is a writer that adores to travel and to find out new legends about the places she visits. For today she arrives in a small seaside town from Medieval style Valento. This town is well known because the biggest riddle creator lives there. His riddles are world known and there is no human that hasn\'t heard at least one in lifetime.Virginia wants to find out something more about this town and her investigation begins here. In a meantime, she has riddles to solve. Here you can help her, and we are sure you would do that!

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