Cairo Bazaar

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For today it is a fun time game. Imagine you are at the biggest market in the world. It will take you hours and hours just to walk from one counter to another just to see what is being offered. Imagine trying to focus only on the food counter or fish counters. It takes curiosity, patience, legs that are well rested and great need of adventure. It might seem to you a bit strange, but yes, going on a market or on a shopping is actually an adventure. One doesn\'t know what is about to happen to him/her until doesn\'t go on the face of the place.You don\'t know what are the options and possibilities until you don\'t try it. And you what they say, you never know how much you will spend until you don\'t go for it. And usually, you will spend more money than you are planning. That is the golden rule! And it is an inevitable situation.Hunbal, Masika and Kissa are situated on the Egyptian market. Masika is rich and wants to choose the most beautiful products. Hunbal and Kissa are stores and their mission is to sell the products at the best price. We will learn from the game who is best merchant from the three of them.

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