The Princesses Wish

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Victoria, Amelia and Diana are three sisters, daughters of the king Charles. Three different girls, three different persons but they have one and same wish - to succeed the throne. This may sound like real disaster because you may imagine what could happen if they all fight for the throne, investing their complete energy. All sisterly elements could simply disappear from their relationship and they could become just strangers and rivals one to each other.But the things are not that bad for those sisters. Namely, Victoria, Amelia and Dian don\'t like to separate one from each other so they have decided that one of them should become a queen while the others will stand beside her, support her and help her in the process of ruling with the kingdom.The father of the girls, the actual king agrees with the girls\' wish but first of all, they should prove that they are capable of ruling the kingdom together. There is a riddle in front of that that should be solved, but they have to solve that riddle together. That would be a proof that they could work together and help each other without feeling some rivalry and competition. Victoria, Amelia and Diana have to find all needed objects hidden by their father. The objects are hidden all around the kingdom and they will find them but only if they work together.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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