Shadows of Crime

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After many successfully solved cases in their careers, the two detectives George and Lisa are working on their new case. Their mission this time is to find out the thieves that operate in late hours in this neighborhood. The detectives have been investigating around and they\'ve found some traces and clues that lead somewhere, but they are still not sure where. The detectives suspect that the thieves are the few prisoners who have recently escaped from the prison. Some traces lead to them, but nothing is for sure. The detectives should continue their investigation and search for any other possible evidence that will prove who is responsible for the robberies. George and Lisa will use some help from us, so let\'s investigate this case together with them and try to find out who stands behind those robberies. Are those prisoners the ones who are responsible for the crimes, or maybe it\'s someone else... We can notice those shadows of crime, left behind the criminals, but we need to make sure...

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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