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When it comes to police officers, medical persons or other professions that involve helping people in different ways, it is always important to stay calm and keep the objectivity. But what if the particular case involves someone that we know? Or someone that is close to us?Detective Donald has solved many cases during his career. He was always calm while doing his job and doing everything lightheaded, but his last case has shaken him a bit… Detective Donald is looking for his missing colleague, detective Mark.Mark has been missing for a few days and last time he was seen, was in one apartment in the center of the city. Detective Donald comes in that apartment and he realizes that the apartment is abandoned. Donald starts the investigation right away, looking for some evidences that will help him find his colleague Mark.Let’s search the apartment together with detective Donald and find out something important for the case. Maybe our help is all that Donald needs, to reveal the mystery about his colleague’s disappearance. We should follow the details and try to find what is important for solving the case.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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