Safari mission

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Working in a zoo park is definitely one of the most desired professions. Just imagine how interesting it would be, to start the day hanging around with the animals, cleaning their homes, giving them food, cuddling with them... And not just pets, we all know that there are more wild animals in the zoo. Moreover, every zoo is a wonderful place. Not just for the people who9 work there, but for the visitors too, right? The zoo workers take care of the maintenance of the zoo as well, everything to be clean and reachable for the people who come there and like to see everything. Janice, Ann, and Dylan volunteer in the safari park in Africa. Today is their first day at work and they will get to know the surroundings where they will work in the following months. Their job is to take care of the animals and provide them with safe living conditions.You can imagine how exciting Janice, Ann, and Dylan\'s job would be. Let\'s help them in their new mission and have a great time in the safari park.

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