Gemstone Path

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Diamonds are forever! Ladies adore them, girls dream about them, ladies adore them. Not, every gentleman can afford to buy them, it doesn\'t take to be a scientists to know that. The fight for the precious stones lasts since this precious stones were found. Generations and generations are looking for the easiest way to find them. Aura is a sorceress who lives in her family in a small poor village.Aura wants to help her family and starts the pursuit of the precious diamonds which are situated deeply into the woods. This wood is very special and hides great secret.She is together with her brother and sister and together they start the investigation. Diamonds are symbols of eternal love, power, youth, the perfection. That\'s why this sorceress is so eager to go deep into this wood and find what she is actually dreaming off. Why don\'t feel happier, richer, more beautiful. If the sorcerers feels better when getting the diamonds, than we should be handy and help her. Good luck in the pursuit. It is going to be fun.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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