Divine Mysteries

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We all know that Gods have great powers, but where do they get those powers from? Some powers they have by default, after all, they\'re Gods, right? And some powers are due to some objects that they have, and therefore those objects are very important to preserve because that power should remain with the gods. But unfortunately, there are always some people who dare to do something bad. We were talking about the gods, and in this situation, some items that are too powerful have been stolen exactly from them. Who condemned himself to do that? However, there are enough brave people, ready to oppose the thieves. It is about the brave girl Helen and Princess Samantha who immediately went in search of the valuable objects of the gods. They must find these items as soon as possible because otherwise the gods will become angry and cause natural disasters in the kingdom.The situation is very serious, so let\'s help these two girls in their mission and save the kingdom from certain doom.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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