Land of Creatures

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You know the goblins, those monstrous creatures coming from the European folklore. Well this kind of a creature described with various and conflicting abilities, temperaments and looks in many different stories, will be the main character in the following game. Again it is small and malicious, greedy for gold and jewelry but it has a new story about him.In the following game we have the goblin Roy who is lost in the land of the creatures. Even though he has some magical abilities, similar to the ones of the fairies, he needs to do something in order to escape the strange situation. In the land of the creatures, Roy has a task to find the magical objects that belong to those creatures.The required objects should help Roy get some energy and survive in this dark land. Since Roy is a goblin, we are sure that he will find some solution for the situation but everyone needs some help when he is in trouble, right? Let\'s help him find the magical objects and escape the land of the creatures.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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