The Precious Bracelets

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There is not such a thing as working something creative. It doesn\'t matter what would be the final product or if the person that does it is talented or not, as long as the process of making the thing makes us happy and gives us a positive feedback to our soul.Cheryl works with crafts. She makes various handmade products and she loves her job very much. Unfortunately, something not that pleasant happened to her. Namely, she has lost her handmade bracelets. Those bracelets were promised to a certain collector of craftworks and for those bracelets she would get a good amount of money. Or at least Cheryl could have earned that money if she had those bracelets but she doesn\'t have them at the moment, that is the fact.Megan is so worried about her friend Cheryl. She would like to do everything she can, in order to help her friend. Megan decides to start a search and find the lost bracelets so her friend could sell them to the collector. Let\'s help the two girls find the bracelets so Cheryl could keep her promise.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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