Park Puzzle

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The two detectives, Lory and Daniel, work on a very delicate case. Namely, it is about a case of a kidnaped child from the city park. The park, a place where kids should feel safe and without any threat, turned into a crime scene. The detectives are looking for a way to find out what happened and today\'s call may positively move things... Namely, Lory and Daniel, today got an anonymous call for directions about where the child can be. However, the kidnappers weren\'t that precise. There is a condition that needs to be fulfilled, so they can direct the police on the right track. The detectives will have to solve a riddle - initially to find certain objects in the city park and use them for solving the riddle. They hope that this riddle will give an answer to the situation and will take the detectives to the kidnaped child. Let\'s help the detectives find the needed objects, hidden in the park. Then, help them solve the riddle and hope that the kidnappers will be fair enough, to release the child and bring it back to his parents.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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