Forbidden house

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Different people have different interests, that is for sure. And while most people don\'t believe or are scared of paranormal activities, our characters Sharon and Jason are really excited when they hear that somewhere, there is something unusual waiting to be solved. Yes, they are totally into paranormal activities. As a matter of fact, they are seekers of paranormal activities, so let\'s see which are their everyday activities.Sharon and Jason this night arrive at the forbidden house. You are probably wondering why is this house forbidden. Well, according to many eyewitnesses, this house is inhabited by ghosts, a whole family of ghosts. That\'s why no one likes to enter this house, everyone is scared by those unusual hosts. However, our characters are not like the others. They like challenges and are prepared to face everything that is paranormal, so this will be just one more case in their unique portfolio. Let\'s see what will they do and how will they face the challenge.

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