Magic Remedy

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Elizabeth and Steven heard a legend about a magic remedy that is able to heal even the hardest diseases. The two of them have been researching about this remedy for few years already and their latest searches brought them in the forest Wolbrick, a forest that is located in the west part of the country where they live. This forest is often described in the legends as a place where some of the greatest wizards live, so in that case, it is not that strange that supposedly there could be found the famous magical remedy.Elizabeth and Steven have decided to visit the forest together with their friends. They search for the ingredients for making the magical remedy and since it is about a place full of wizards, who knows what can be expected to be seen there.We could also take part in this magical adventure and visit the forest Wolbrick. Maybe will find out what are the secret ingredients for making this special remedy that healed so many people from the hardest known diseases. Let’s help Elizabeth and Steven!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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