Valley Picnic

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Melissa was thinking about what will be the best way to spend the following weekend, together with her daughter Shirley and her nephew Eric. Should they go to the zoo to see the animals, or maybe they can go somewhere swimming? The options are numerous, but there is one option that she thinks will be the best way to connect more with her loved ones - a picnic. Shirley suggests this option to her daughter and the nephew and they all agree that it will be a very interesting adventure for them. They choose to spend the weekend in the wonderful valley that is located near the city where they live and make a picnic there. However, going on a picnic asks for some previous preparations, so they consider everything that needs to be done, to make this picnic an unforgettable and pleasant experience. The location is chosen and it is a perfect location but still, some things need to be done, so everything can be just great.Let\'s help them make the final preparations for the picnic.

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