Precious Rings

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We all take care of the higiene of our homes on regular basis but from time to time we need some help in general cleaning so we call services for cleaning. Also if we don’t have time or energy at the moment, the professional help is a great choice. Heather’s grandmother lives alone and she needs some help in cleaning. That’s why few days ago she has called professional clearing company. Everything was left clean but something happened that made her little bit upset. After the cleaning company left the house, the grandmother realized that her precious family rings are not there. Maybe the people from the company left them to a different place so they are lost somewhere in the house but what if they have stolen them? Heather arrives at the house of the grandmother to help her find the lost rings. She likes to search the house in details and make sure that the rings are only lost, not stolen. Let’s search together and help Heather find the rings that have been in the family for many years which makes their value precious.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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