Secret Documents

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Judy is a detective that has solved numerous cases during her career. And she is a real professional that always finishes her job, judging with a clear mind, which makes her come to the truth very fast. But today’s case is very important for her and is something more personal. Namely, her best friend Grace has been kidnapped and Judy has to find out who stands behind this kidnapping.Very soon, Judy finds out that her friend Grace has found out about some illegal deals made in the company where she works. Grace’s chief was actually the person that ordered her kidnapping, but before she was kidnapped, Grace made a copy from the suspicious documents. Those documents prove that her company makes those illegal stuff. Now Judy has a task to find out the documents and try to make clear the whole situation about the kidnapping of her best friend. We know that cases like this are usually well hidden and the illegal acts are taken very carefully, but we are sure that Judy, with your help, will solve the case very soon.

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