Beyond the Stars

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Conquering space is something that probably every one of us has thought about, but the truth is that for most of us, it was just a thought. People who decide to be cosmonauts are really rare, both because of the fear of going that far, and because this profession requires exceptional efforts and enormous mental and physical fitness.Gary and Kathleen are real cosmonauts. They have chosen the conquest of space as their profession. They have conquered several points of space, but this time they are facing something very big and important. Cosmonauts Gary and Kathleen are preparing for the mission of a lifetime. They will leave within reach of the most distant point in the universe where no cosmonaut has ever been. You can imagine the excitement our characters feel, it is something like a realization of their professional dreams. But still, if we keep in mind that this is something that they, and perhaps no one else on our planet earth, will do, for this mission they need serious preparations. Let\'s see how they are doing and help them.

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