Hidden Easter Eggs

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Easter and the days around this holiday are the favorite days of the year for many people. The families gather together and spend wonderful moments. Not to mention the tradition of decorating Easter eggs, then decorating the whole house with special decorations and of course, the special Easter cuisine. All of that makes us all fall in love in this holiday.Alexis is also one of the persons that love Easter and celebrates it on a special way. Between the regular things related to this holiday is the traditional search for Easter eggs, organized by Alexis and her family every year. This is something that the whole family enjoys doing but this year there is also something new about the famous search.Namely, among the others Easter eggs, there are 10 more hidden eggs in golden color. These eggs are something like a bonus level because they are hidden really well. The one that will find those eggs will be the winner of this interesting search, so let\'s start this interesting Easter search.

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