Ranch Mystery

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Susan and Mark are ranchers. There are many horses on their ranch that they take care of every day. They both love horses and want to take care of them and keep their ranch well-maintained, so everything is in top order on their property. However, a series of problems began to arise at Susan and Mark\'s ranch. These problems are external and not directly related to their work, but they both have to find out what is causing them. Notably, Susan and Mark\'s horses have been visibly upset lately. The two ranchers want to know what is the cause of such anxiety. They even suspect that someone comes to the ranch at night and disturbs the horses. Who would want to harm the horses and why, is the question on the minds of the two ranchers. Let\'s visit Susan and Mark\'s ranch and find out what happens there every night. Horses don\'t react like that for no reason, so let\'s find out who is behind all this. We will search the whole place to find out what happens there at night.

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