Train From Nowhere

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Inspector Mark is known as an inspector that is a real master of solving mysterious cases. He lives in the city of Abergeil and he manages to find the answers for everything that happens there. He can\'t miss anything and that\'s why he is so famous around, his reputation is unreachable! But this night, something completely unexpected happened at the railway station in Abergeil. Namely, a mysterious train showed up at the station, out of nowhere! There is an order at the station, people who work there know when Train From Nowhere the trains come and leave, but this train seems very strange. There is no one in the train and it seems like the train was time traveling. There are no trains like this train anymore and it seems like it comes from some other time. What could it be? Is this a kidnapped train? And who is responsible for kidnapping of the train? Is it a human or maybe some paranormal creature, like a ghost or something?Let\'s see if the famous inspector Mark will be able to solve this mysterious situation and find answers for the most complicated case in his career.

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