Perfect Weekend

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There are different types of what we call a perfect weekend. For some people it would be a weekend spent on the beach, for someone on the mountain, but also a weekend spent in the village could be a perfect choice. Especially if you meet someone there who is really important for you.Joy and her daughter Grace have been waiting for this weekend for a long time. Finally they managed to organize their responsibilities and find some free time to spend it in the village. But visiting the village is not the only thing they have been waiting for so long. Joy\'s mother, Grace\'s grandmother, lives in the village. Grandma Olivia lives in this distant village and because the place is located so far, this is the first time she mets her granddaughter. The both of them are so happy because this day has finally come.Grace has the whole weekend to spend it with her grandmother but also a whole weekend to stay in the village. She has a perfect chance to explore the beauty and learn something more about the life in the village.

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