Beautiful Surprise

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People usually love surprises. It\'s about that nice dose of adrenaline that takes us when we don\'t know what to expect, but the things that we get are not something that could harm us, yet completely the opposite. Martha and Ethan are the new grooms. They had a very good relationship, full of love and appreciation, so they decided to crown the relationship with marriage. Оn the occasion of their wedding Martha\'s and Ethan\'s friends decided to prepare them one beautiful surprise. They have decided to hide the gifts in one special place - the place where Ethan asked Martha to be his wife. Actually, it is the park where Martha and Ethan first met. Now they are back in this special place, with a task to find out where are those gifts hidden. The two grooms have a very interesting task in front of them, but they are a little bit impatient to find those presents as soon as possible. Let\'s search the whole place together and see where are those objects hidden. That way Ethan and Martha will be able to open their presents sooner.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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