One Past Midnight

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There are numerous stories about ghosts that walk around us. It seems that they don\'t like to be seen except the ones that have something to tell us or have some unfinished business. According to the stories, those ghosts can\'t \'step on the other side\' unless they find what they are looking for and usually they need help from the people around them or someone that is somehow related to their problem.However, those stories sound rather scary for listening and just imagine how it could be if you face a real ghost of someone you once knew?! George has a real problem, something that is bothering him a lot. He lives in a house where every night one hour after midnight happens something strange. Namely, it is about the ghost of his late grandmother who shows up late in the night.George could not handle this problem anymore and he can\'t live like that so he is desperate to know what is bothering the grandma\'s ghost. He likes to help the ghost settle down so she could leave from his home forever.

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