Big Farm Adventure

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Jennifer and Robert recently decided to start a new chapter in their lives. They decided to start farming and, after a certain time, buy their own farm. However, before they start everything, they need to learn what farming means. They have heard some things, they know something, but not enough to run their own farm. Like every profession, this profession is demanding as well, and they need a lot of knowledge, so they can do it successfully. Today, Jennifer and Robert are visiting their friend Mark\'s farm. They are here to gain some experience, hoping that in less than a year, they can be able to work on their own farm. They are prepared to work hard and learn everything about farming, noticing every detail of the work because this is something completely new for them, even though they were interested in it, a time before. Now, let\'s see together what the day on the farm looks like. What is happening there, how much work needs to be done, and finally how hard is it to do that work?

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