Texas Gold

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A few years already, all cowboys from Texas look for some mysterious texas gold. The story about this gold maybe sounds like a myth, but even then, it is worth trying. In case that someone finds this gold, he will become rather wealthy and rich. And looking for hidden gold sounds like something that cowboys usually do, right?Harold is also a cowboy and he has gave a promise to his family that he will be the one that will find the mysterious Texas gold. Somehow, he is sure that he is on the right track this time, and he will do his best to finish his mission successfully.However, since he is up to find something big, but something that is not easy to be found, Harold will need some help from us. We will ride through the prairie like real cowboys and search for the Texas gold, together with Harold.If we manage to find it, we will have a huge discovery, something that will make us superior to all other cowboys. That\'s why we shouldn\'t waste our time but we should start searching right away, so we can find out sooner if those stories about the mysterious Texas gold are true or not.

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