Riddles of Trust

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The young Chen arrives at the small hidden village, the place where is hidden the empress Huan. Huan is actually the last empress in China and that\'s why she is hidden in this secret village. Actually there were some rumors that someone is trying to kill the last empress of China and she tries to stay away from danger and the enemy who is prepared to do anything in order to do her harm.Chen comes in this place with a mission to help in keeping the empress Huan safe. This would be a hard task but it is really important task because it involves the most powerful woman in China. Huan meets Chen but however, the empress is still very suspicious and careful about the people around her.She likes to have complete trust in her so she decides to put Chen to a test. She gives her few riddles so she will have answer then in order to gain trust. Those riddles may look easy but let\'s stay with Chen and see if she needs some help for her task. It is interesting to know what does the empress want from her guardians.

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