Rail Sabotage

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Well, yes - criminal can be done even in the railway stations. It\'s not just about small robberies or pick-pocketing, but something that confuses the whole system and makes even bigger damage. The policewoman Megan has been called to the railway station because there was a report about an unknown person who made chaos at the station. This person has sabotaged the whole timetable related to the trains by turning off the electricity and changing the train schedule. That means that at the moment, no one from the people who work at the railway station knows what to do, when to start driving, where to go, or what to expect next. Everyone at the station is very confused and someone has to make things clear, so the railway station can continue its work. And it\'s not just about the employees at the station. Numerous passengers and their activities depend on the train schedule. Today\'s task of policewoman Megan is to find the person that stands behind this. She has to find him, but also she needs to discover the reason for such an act.

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