Horse Rescuers

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Well, that’s what we mean when we say unusual job! Horse rescues! This isn’t something that we hear every day like a teacher, a doctor, a shop assistant or so, but something very interesting and challenging. And while some jobs can be performed by everyone, this job can be only done by someone that loves animals, especially horses. This love, together with dedication, makes a perfect horse rescuer!Heather and Nathan have a horse farm. Often, they rescue horses that have been abandoned by their owners. Also, they rescue horses that live in a wild and whose habitat is endangered. Heather and Nathan’s profession is very humane, and asks for a lot of commitment, but they do it with a lot of pleasure.You will play this game as Heather and Nathan’s assistant who will have to help them in their everyday responsibilities, related to horses. This is a great chance to learn something about horses and taking care of them. You will meet abandoned horses, but also real wild horses that are sometimes hard to be domesticated.

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