The Heart of Christmas

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Every family celebrates different holidays in their own way. Christmas Eve is no exception. The families include a wide variety of traditions from the sacred to the sentimental. And each of those traditions is beautiful. Special Christmas Dinner, caroling in the Neighborhood, Sibling Slumber Party – those traditions are just one small part of the things that people do around Christmas and on the Christmas Eve.Teresa and her mother Grace are feeling wonderful during the Christmas holidays. They love those holidays very much so they like to make everything perfect. This year, Grace has let her daughter, Teresa be responsible for the organization of the Christmas Eve and she is really excited because of this. She has been thinking about the whole concept of celebrating this amazing holiday, and she has prepared almost everything on time.However, there are few things left that need to be done before the great night. Teresa will be very happy if we could help her make the last preparations for the Christmas Eve. You will see what is left and help her complete the preparations so she and her family can spend the night in the best way possible.

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