Scent of Spring

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It seems like life has it\'s own ways, some expected paths and phases. It is not that there are rules to show you the way, but some things are expected to happen. First we are small children growing together in families and most often - siblings. We finish school, make friends, we try to make our parents proud of us... And love and relationships come on board as well.We get attached. Some choose to enter marriage, some decide to stay alone like forever. This weekend Debra wants to announce her family and friends that she is getting married to Jerry. That man is her choice for lifetime. They\'ve been together for 10 years.Today she decides to invite her best friend Diane and Jerry himself to help her arrange a small party for the closest people. Debra has a great surprise for.everyone that is coming to the celebration. It would be nice to help this young lady celebrate the best day of her life. Enjoy Debra\'s romance adventure.

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