New Beginning

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Moving to a new place is a chance for a new beginning, a chance to model our lives in a new, usually better way. Kimberly together with her brother George arrives at the house where their mother lives. Their mother, Barbara, lives very far from them, so they figured out a way how to be closer to her. Kimberly and George bought an apartment for their mother that is located very close to the place where they live, to their apartments. That way they will be able to spend more time together and help her if she is in a need. Today, the two siblings are here to help Barbara in the process of packing her stuff. This is necessary because she has a lot of things that need to be packed for moving into the new place. This will be a new beginning for Barbara and she feels really excited about it but it\'s the same for her daughter and son who are so excited that they will spend more time with their mother. Let\'s help them in packing and make sure they don\'t forget something crucial.

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