Yard Sale Challenge

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Challenges at every turn, even when it comes to a regular yard sale. Donna and Paul, along with their friends, are regulars at these events. They love to browse through the used items that are on sale, looking for something preserved and something they need that can be found for cheap. In addition, they have other activities that make their visits to the yard sale even more interesting. They make a mini game between themselves which is a fun competition about who can find more valuable things at the sale. They rummage through things, looking for valuable items, and finding something truly valuable can be difficult at times. Not that there are no valuable items, but they can be hidden sometimes or their value cannot be noticed at first. Let\'s embark on this interesting adventure and search for valuable objects together with our new friends. At every yard sale, there are countless valuable items to be found and many unique items. Let\'s get started.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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