The Stolen Relics

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Kings, presidents, leaders of any kind, must find their collaborators and perfect advisers if they want to lead, to rein without problems. If you don\'t find the perfect person to be next to you and to tell you the truth always, even when you are not going to be ready to hear it. Because if you are surrounded by liars, by fakers, you will enter big troubles. First of all, they will miss lead you to bringing bad orders, bad decisions.Paul is king\'s closest man. He completes all his wishes. He is loyal to all of his demands. Paul actually knows all of the king\'s biggest secrets. Last night Paul got an invitation from the king to inform him that part of his worthy objects were stolen. Together with his close collaborators Virginia and Gregory, Paul has to find the six lost king\'s objects.If you were a king\'s close friend and a right hand in all the good and the bad, you would do anything to help this important person, wouldn\'t you? Try to understand how would a king feel if some of his most important objects and things were missing.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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