Midnight Tale

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There is something that bothers the young Dorothy a lot, something that lasts for a certain period of time. As a matter of fact, it’s about a longer period of time since Dorothy has nightmares related to one particular house. This girl is so frightened by those dreams that are actually nightmares and she like to have beautiful dreams again, to be free and to wake up calm and happy. Dorothy believes that she has to face with her nightmares, or more precisely, to face with the house so she decides to visit the house.Dorothy comes into the house that often sees in her dreams, together with her grandfather Michael. She hopes that this visit will be end of her nightmares and they will stop once for all. Dorothy knows exactly what she should find in this house, to stop the bad dreams but she still has to find that…Let’s help Dorothy face her bad dreams and beat them once for all. She has her grandfather with her, but she will surely need some help from us so she could become free from the terrible nightmares.

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