Farm Feast

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Carol and Brian own one of the biggest farms in the region. Every year they organize a feast on their farm and invite all their friends and the other farmers in the surroundings. The feast on the farm showcases the best of local food, prepared by our chefs guided by Carol and Brian. As the guests wander the farm, they will enjoy a full dinner, while seeing where the food grows.It is Carol and Brian highlight event of the year, where they celebrate their land, their farm and the restoration work that they proudly do in partnership with the other farmers that are also invited. The farm dinner celebrates their friends and farmers by demonstrating for guests how the family is growing healthy food while also embracing environmental stewardship on their land.Their farm today bubbles with excitement. Tonight, Carol and Brian will host a great feast. Today is the last day for the preparations of this year\'s feast and they need our help to prepare everything on time. Everybody is already arriving and it\'s time to start the hard work.

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