Touch of Mortality

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Evelyn, Ethan and Lauren have a very specific job. Namely, they are a team of explorers that explore miseries. We all know that some mysteries manage to get an answer while others stay unsolved for many years, but the job of this team of explorers is to give answers to those mysteries.It is about an interesting job, we will all agree, right? This time, Evelyn, Ethan and Lauren’s job lead them to one small mountain village. This is the place where one week ago, one whole family, together with their neighbors, was poisoned by a strong poison. All those people are still in the city hospital, fighting for their lives.The team of explorers likes to find out who or what has poisoned those people, so they will search all through the mountain village, looking for something that will lead them to a certain trace. They truly hope that they will find who is responsible for all this, but also, they hope that the poisoned people will manage to stay alive. Let’s see what will the team of explorers do, in order to solve this case.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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