Spooky Holiday

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Halloween is the scariest but also the most waited holiday for everyone. Maybe the kids love it most because of the euphoria around the process of masking and ‘trick or treating\' but last years this euphoria seems to transfer to grown-ups as well.Many days, even months, before the day, people plan what will they do on this spooky holiday, which party will they visit, what will they wear, and so on. And that is very nice because people gather together and expand their creativity, making a real festival on the streets.Lisa, her brother Mark and their mother Karen, do the last preparations for the scariest holiday of the year, Halloween. They for example, traditionally gather in the house of their grandmother for the holiday. They spend a wonderful time together, playing many different games. Searching for hidden objects is also included in those games but this time they look for objects that are somehow related and needed for Halloween. You might find this search spooky but at the same very interesting so let\'s start right away!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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