Farmyard Findings

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Wendy and Austin had been running their farm for many years. It is something they love very much, and they nurse the farming, making everything professionally. The two of them know every inch of their land like the back of their hands, which is a huge plus.But today, they noticed something strange on their farm, something that hasn\'t happened before, having in mind that the two of them are very organized people who don\'t leave anything for tomorrow. Namely, today, a number of their farming tools and equipment are missing, and they can\'t complete their daily chores on the farm without them. They can\'t figure out how this happened because they are sure that yesterday they left everything in its place when they were cleaning up before they went home.Wendy and Austin know their farm in detail, but they still can\'t find their equipment, and they can\'t find out what happened. That\'s why they will need some help from us. Let\'s search the farm once again and try to find the necessary objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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