Troubles of the past

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Helen, when she was very young, lived in a beautiful house, together with her parents. She had only nice memories of that house and she still can\'t realize why her parents decided to leave that house all of a sudden and move to another place. She feels like something is stopped, without being finished, like something urged this moving from one place to another. After a lot of thoughts about the abandoned house, Helen decides to come back there once again. She likes to see again the place where she lived when she was just a child. However, this house is now abandoned but it seems that the problems from the past are still here. Helen would like to find out the true reason why her parents decided to leave this house and never come back there again. Let\'s visit the old abandoned house, together with Helen, and see if we could find out what was the reason for moving out. Maybe the reasons are personal, but maybe it is about something that comes from outside... Let\'s find out the truth.

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