Two Kings One Throne

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Queen Melissa, her daughter, the princess Stephanie and their faithful knight Ronald, arrive at the place where they need to fix one big injustice. Namely, in their kingdom there are two men, two brothers, who are fighting for the royal crown. One of them is Melissa\'s husband who is loved by the people because of his kindness and courage. That\'s why everyone believe that he deserves being a king. The other one is his brother who is very evil and he plans to fight all the time, in order to conquer other kingdoms. Both of them consider their own viewpoints right and think that they deserve the throne but the evil brother seems to be wrong in his intentions because the peace and the calm life for the people is the most important thing for the kingdom.Melissa, Stephanie and Ronald have to find the objects that will help them set the real king on the throne. We could help them in their search by finding those objects and keeping the peace and wellbeing of the whole kingdom.Let\'s start before it\'s too late.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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