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Sarah has always been an adventurist that likes to visit distant and unknown places, driving with her van. She has been to many places with her van so far, but still, she hasn\'t visited the place where her parents were born. Sarah\'s parents come from a village that is located high in the mountains, so she hardly waits to get a chance, to go there and see that place. These days Sarah finally got the chance to fulfill her dreams - to visit those mountain villages with her van. She arrives at her father\'s house now, and she hardly waits to explore it. The house is located very high in the mountains, so it is about a very unique chance - to spend some time in such a place. Sarah hardly waits to start exploring and to find out what is this special place offering. Everything suggests that this will be one of Sarah\'s best adventures, so let\'s see what will this mountain offer. This is the first time she visits the place, even though her parents come from there, but we believe that it won\'t be the last time.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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