Chamber of Magic

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The New Year and Christmas magic will be better these days with some more magic, don’t you think? Let’s do some more adventure and mystery. If you thought that magicians are all super powered by themselves, you are mistaking strongly. Event he super duper forces need support for the things they do. They also need some magic to be better themselves.Leprechaun Faro arrives in the secret magical room which is situated in the woods of Gods. He is here with one sole goal - to find all the magical objects that will help him so he can become sorcerer all by himself. Let\'s help him. We will never get enough party with mystery and magic stories. Escaping the everyday boring things is the best with magic mood.Do you know what leprechaun is? It is a type fairy and it is part of Irish people folklore. They are actually little men with big beards, they have interesting coats and hats. The story says that they are the creatures who after captured by some human being, they will fulfill three wishes. Have fun!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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