Ghostly Guardian

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We have all heard about guardian angels, and maybe some events make us believe that they exist, but it is not something that can be proven. A guardian angel is a type of angel that protects and guides a certain person, group, or nation. Like they stand behind us and keep us safe from bad luck, at least they are presented that way in the fiction.There is a property here no one is allowed to set foot there. This property is guided by an invisible guardian who keeps the place safe, at least that is what people say. Betty and George are experts in paranormal things, and they will visit the strange property. The two of them arrive at the place to discover what is going on there in real. Is there something paranormal, or is there a real guard hidden somewhere in the place?Let\'s help out characters in their mission. They are the experts, but in this rare and strange situation, they will surely use some help. Let\'s explore the place with them and see who is the ghostly guardian who protects the property.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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