Dark Secret

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The police officers always have full hands of job. Unfortunately, crime is always rising, so they have the hardest job in the world, to bring justice and put the criminals where they belong - behind the bars. And criminals sometimes can be difficult for identifying and catching but that\'s why are here our professionals. The detective named Lisa, together with her partner, the policeman Donald, comes to the house of the famous plastic surgent Anthony. Anthony is in custody at the moment, because of the death of one of his patients. Even though there are no other suspects, the police don\'t have enough pieces of evidence to prove that he is guilty, so if they don\'t find evidence sooner, Anthony will be set free. We can\'t be sure if the plastic surgent Anthony is guilty or not if we don\'t have enough evidence, right? Let\'s visit his house and try to find some evidence that will prove if he is guilty or not. We will work with Lisa and Donald, real professionals, so we are sure that we will find out the truth and bring justice where it is needed.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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