Ghost Yacht

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A yacht anchored at one of the ports in the maritime city Rudwel. And that may not be so strange, the strange thing is that that yacht was not traveling for days on the sea, but wasn\'t noticed by anyone. One day, the coast guard saw the yacht and forced it to anchor on the shore. When they wanted to find out who was sailing that yacht, the members of the guard saw that there was no one on the yacht. That would mean that the yacht had certainly been sailing for some time like that, without anyone steering it. But it is so strange and hard to explain. Where is the crew of the yacht? What happened to them? It may be an accident, but what if some paranormal forces were steering the yacht? The inhabitants of the seaside town want to know something more about that boat. Even the authorities concluded that this case needed to be investigated, so they called detective Ruth. Ruth arrived in the town and began her task - to find out what happened to the ship\'s crew.Let\'s help her!

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